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There are dozens of "aids" for those wishing to explore their genealogy. But a dry collection of names and dates stretching back into history can never capture the real essence of a family-its personality-and that's why The Storybook is so needed. Simple enough for youngsters to enjoy, stimulating and creative enough for elders, this book is the ideal holiday gift for a whole family. Johnson and Rustad have hit on just the right balance between eliciting memories of yesterday, feelings for today, and thoughts for the future. I heartily endorse this great book as a way to help children discover their family legacy, and how they fit into it.

Dr.Lynne Kinghorn, licensed clinical psychologist
Denver, CO

I love this book! I wish I had owned it years ago when my mother was still alive. She lived to be 101 and had many stories to tell. Unfortunately, the stories were never written down, and as a result, many have been forgotten. How wonderful it would have been for her grandchildren and all who came after to have them contained in this book!

Jeanene Rethlake, retired teacher
ST. Paul, MN

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