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Not enough of Grandma

I have my Grandmother's beautiful wedding dress and I have several serving pieces of her silver. What I don't have is her story. As dear as these items are, I would gladly trade them all for Her Story. Questions come to mind as I view my treasures. What were her thoughts the day she wore this wedding dress? What were her hopes and dreams? Who were her in-laws and were they fond of her? Did she like them? What did Grandma deem important in life? What did she consider a life well-lived? I long to know her heart. I was about eleven years old when she died and I didn't know that I would ever "long to know her heart". Many years later I asked my Dad and found he was ill-prepared to answer my probing questions.

I feel that I am linked to her in ways I can't define. Sometimes I find myself attempting a project or seeking information about something that I think she might have been interested in. Or I remember little snippets of things

she said but not in any real context. I adored her and believe she adored me as well but I was a little girl. Now I want to know her as a woman. I want the

wisdom I'm sure she possessed and to understand how she dealt with her not very spectacular life with so much grace and good-nature. I want, but will never have, Her Story.

I believe with all my heart that if we knew and cherished our heritage, it could provide a powerful force in our lives. It would be the anchor we so often seem to be missing, it would be the one constant for the whole family and would provide the base from which we each launched our own life and our own stories. It would give us hints as to why we are the way we are. It might explain the reasons behind so many decisions, that once made, linked us to the next decision and so on, and so on.

Everyone ought to know their heritage, whether it is glorious or tragic, whether it is neat and orderly or all a jumble, whether it is pristine or riddled with "skeletons". They were who they were and we are a part of them. Fascinating!

I wonder if my Grandmother were here today instead of me, would she be publishing a book about family history, painting pictures, composing music? What would she choose to be her creative outlet? Would she wonder about her Grandmother like I wonder about her?

Please, do your loved ones a huge favor: WRITE YOUR STORY!

Signed- Birdie Johnson